Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Contest time!!! :)

Hey everyone! I'm back from work and I have scavenged through my books! For this contest, I think we should do another Spread the Word! Some cool ideas for this were brought to me by Liz and Miranda, so I'm going to try and incorporate them.

Contest rules:

1. Only open to US residents. Sorry! But if you have family or someone in the US that can receive the books for you, go ahead and enter!
2. Have your entry posted as a comment on this post by 2 weeks from now, on the 22nd.
3. To win, do the following:
-Post a link to this blog on your facebook, twitter, tumblr, myspace, etc.
-Print out a link to this blog on a flyer and put it either in a book at your local bookstore, or tape it up on a local building like your school, library, grocery store, etc. Then take a picture of it and post it in your entry comment.
-Anything else you can think of to spread the word!
-I will pick a winner at random, but if there are some people who enter with all of these and some people who enter with only one, I'm obviously going to pick at random out of the people who did more to spread the word. So make sure you do your best! :)

The Prize:

This contest's prize is a Hardcover copy of Invisible I by Melissa Kantor (which unfortunately isn't signed), a paperback version of Lipstick Apology by Jennifer Jabaley, AND possibly a free t-shirt with The Truth About Books on it if I get a significant amount of more followers. So get spreading! The word, that is. And good luck!
Remember: Get your entries in by midnight on June 22nd!


  1. I posted a link in a note on Facebook! Just not sure how to prove it...

  2. I was looking at Elizabeth Scott's website and found this statement about Grace. Just in case you haven't seen it :)

    "WOW. Just, wow. Elizabeth never ceases to amaze me. Part of me thought I might not like this one because it's about suicide bombing. The other half of me thought, it's a book by Elizabeth Scott, how could it not be good?

    If you guys couldn't tell by now, it was the latter. This book is so different from any other YA novel. It pulls you in, it makes you wonder, it makes you feel. The fictional "country" is maddening. How could anybody let a man like Keran Berj rule? How could The People do the same, but still think Keran is worse? And Grace, poor Grace -- I am so proud of her. She is so brave. She gives us some insight I think everyone could use, really.

    This story was not what I was expecting. I didn't know what to expect, actually, but this was not it. Elizabeth has definitely done it again and I don't know how. She always pulls off writing a masterpiece, and for that, I thank her. Make sure you guys pick this one up when it's released! Or pre-order! Just make sure you get it in your hands. -- The Truth About Books



  3. Have you quit your blog? :(

  4. r u quitting your blog? if u r,, please tel us! we really do care!

    D & T

  5. Okay, I know this is very late, but if it helps, I posted the note on facebook a long time ago, I just forgot to follow through!



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