Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

Today's book is Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves. The description of this book is:
With a head plagued by hallucinations, a medicine cabinet full of pills, and a closet stuffed with frilly, violet dresses, Hanna's tired of being the outcast. So she runs away to Portero, Texas, in search of a new home. As she tries to make a place for herself, she discovers dark secrets that would terrify any normal soul.

Yeah, so, again, I don't normally read Sci-Fi type books, but this one was posted online so I said why not. I will tell you know, this book is waaaayyyyyyy weird. I liked it actually, but I am warning you that it's a little out there. I thought the first chapter was pretty cool and it made me want to keep reading. It was a little confusing at first, obviously, but after you keep reading, you get the hang of it. I really liked Wyatt too. This book has a lot going on it it and its almost 500 pages, so if you don't feel like reading that much, it's not the book for you. But, anyway, I thought it was a good book despite it's weirdness, so if it sounds interesting to you, give it a try! Hope you guys enjoy and Happy New Years! :)

PS: I got an awesome Barnes and Nolble gift card for christmas so I'll let you guys know what books I get as soon as I get them! :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Pretty self explanatory. Merry Christmas everybody, and thanks for coming to the site! Happy New Years as well! Hope you guys get some cool books for Christmas! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just Like That by Marsha Qualey

Internet is up and running again, so, today's book is Just Like That by Marsha Qualey! The description of this book is:

Things change so suddenly. one day Hanna has a long-term boyfriend; the next, she realizes she doesn't have strong feelings for him and breaks up with him. one day Hanna trusts her two best friends completely; the next, all of that trust is toppled. And then Hanna finds herself the bearer of a major secret: she was the last person to see two teenagers before they died in an accident on the icy lake. she can't tell anyone, so when Hanna finds herself drawn to will, the elusive boy she's noticed around town, the kind of boy who'd increase any girl's pulse, she doesn't hold back. what she learns about him will astonish her. but what she learns about herself—her friendships, her family, her life—will affect her far more.

So, to me, this book sounded really cool. The book ended up being okay, but kind of disappointing at the same time. It started out like a normal book, but after that, it kind of just got weird. I still liked it enough to where I still recommend it, but only if you're an avid reader and like to read lots of books. This book might not be the best for someone who's looking for a GREAT book. I did like Hanna's character, and Will's. I was disappointed when I found out Will's secret, because it makes the beginning of their relationship all weird. Anyway, this book was overall good and had a cool story line but it wasn't the best either. Read it if you're interested, it's still a cool story. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Sorry for the lack of posts, AGAIN. My internet has been acting all weird and it's still not acting completely normal.That's why there's no picture for this post :( Today's book is The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. The description of this book is:

After U.S. Marine Logan Thibault finds a photograph of a smiling young woman buried in the dirt during his tour of duty in Iraq, he experiences a sudden streak of luck — winning poker games and even surviving deadly combat. Only his best friend, Victor, seems to have an explanation for his good fortune: the photograph — his lucky charm.

Back home in Colorado, Thibault can't seem to get the woman in the photograph out of his mind and he sets out on a journey across the country to find her. But Thibault is caught off guard by the strong attraction he feels for the woman he encounters in North Carolina - Elizabeth, a divorced mother — and he keeps the story of the photo, and his luck, a secret. As he and Elizabeth embark upon a passionate love affair, his secret soon threatens to tear them apart — destroying not only their love, but also their lives.

So, this book isn't technically YA fiction, but it was still really good! As long as you're about 14+ this book should be fine for you. Nicholas Sparks' books are never too inappropriate, but they are more mature. Anyway, I really loved this book! The first book by Nicholas Sparks that I read was The Choice, and that one disappointed me a lot. I didn't really like that one, but The Lucky One was VERY good! The main characters aren't too old to enjoy their experiences and it is a really cool story. I love Ben, he's just so cute! This book had me wanting to know what happened sooo bad. I loved everything about this book, except Clayton, but that's normal. You guys will see why. This book has a cute romance, a little suspense, and a great plot! Nicholas Spark's is a very talented writer and I love that his books are always set in North Carolina. When I went to meet Sarah Dessen, I actually saw some of the places he mentions in his books! So, bottom line, try this book if you like a good love story! Hope you guys enjoy :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr

Today's book is Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr! The description of this book is:
Samara Taylor used to believe in miracles. She used to believe in a lot of things. As a pastor's kid, it's hard not to buy in to the idea of the perfect family, a loving God, and amazing grace. But lately, Sam has a lot of reason to doubt. Her mother lands in rehab after a DUI and her father seems more interested in his congregation than his family. When a young girl in her small town is kidnapped, the local tragedy overlaps with Sam's personal one, and the already-worn thread of faith holding her together begins to unravel.

This book first drew me in with its cover. I know, that's not what you're supposed to do with books, but I couldn't help it. The cover is pretty, and I like pretty covers. Anyway, after I read the description, I thought it would be a cool book to check out. When I first started it, I wasn't getting into it, but after the first chapter or two, it got my attention. I was really wondering if Jody was ever going to get found, and when I started getting close to the end of the book, I got worried we weren't going to find out. No worries, you get all you need in the ending chapters of this book! It was an overall pretty good book, I'd say. The whole idea of being the pastor's daughter was cool to me. I've never read a book like that before. It's not really an uplifting book until the end though. If this one sounds interesting to you, give it a try! Hope you guys enjoy :]

PS: Sorry for the delay in posts again! Busy college life + finals + Christmas = not a whole lot of posts! But, I did read a lot of books, so stay tuned! :]

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Midnight Twins by Jaquelyn Mitchard

It's what a lot of you have been waiting for: The Midnight Twins! Yes, I am a little late on it, I apologize. But, I have finally read it and am here to review it (duh)! For those of you who don't know, the description of this book is:

The Midnight Twinstells the story of mirror twins born on either side of midnight. After a mysterious and nearly fatal fire on their thirteenth birthday, Meredith and Mallory Brynn begin having visions: Mallory can see into the past, Meredith can see into the future. But it will take both of them to save their town from a great evil. That is, if their unique powers dont destroy them first.

My first thought on this book was that it was kind of confusing. It took me a little bit to understand the different transitions between each flashback, but I got the hang of it. I thought the book was overall pretty good. The author definitely had me wondering what was going to happen to David. I would say this book was so-so. Some of it I thought was kind of dumb, but it's definitely a cool story. I might just have to go read the second book because series always get me in that way. I always have to go read the next one, just to find out what happened! Thank you to everyone who recommended The Midnight Twins to me. Happy reading :]

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Hollow by Jessica Verday

Okay, so I'm usually not into the whole sci-fi book thing, but because of twilight and harry potter, I gave this one a chance. I decided to post this now because I already read the book and I wanted to get a post out there to tie you guys over until I get a chance to read The Midnight Twins. The description of The Hollow is:

When Abbey's best friend, Kristen, vanishes at the bridge near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, everyone else is all too quick to accept that Kristen is dead?and rumors fly that her death was no accident. Abbey goes through the motions of mourning her best friend, but privately, she refuses to believe that Kristen is really gone. Then she meets Caspian, the gorgeous and mysterious boy who shows up out of nowhere at Kristen's funeral, and keeps reappearing in Abbey's life. Caspian clearly has secrets of his own, but he's the only person who makes Abbey feel normal again...but also special.

Just when Abbey starts to feel that she might survive all this, she learns a secret that makes her question everything she thought she knew about her best friend. How could Kristen have kept silent about so much? And could this secret have led to her death? As Abbey struggles to understand Kristen's betrayal, she uncovers a frightening truth that nearly unravels her—one that will challenge her emerging love for Caspian, as well as her own sanity.

For being a Sci-Fi book, this one was pretty good! When I read it, I stayed up till 4am finishing it. I thought it was a pretty cool story and I loved the part about Abbey's perfume making! It makes me want to try it myself. This book was definitely a good one and I recommend it to any Sci-Fi book lover out there. Even non Sci-Fi book lovers, just not as much, haha. Anyway, see you would think that I would catch on to the twist of this book before the end, but I didn't. When I told my friend about it half way through the book though, he spat out a whole scenario that he suspected to be true. He was right, ughhh. It is a pretty interesting twist and I can't wait to read the next one to find out more. Guess you'll have to read it for yourself to see what I mean. ;]

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I wanted to say sorry to you guys for not posting anything in a while! I've been busy with Thanksgiving break and this is my last week of classes before finals so I've been busy with that as well. I promise the next post will be soon (Probably tomorrow or Thursday) and it will be The Midnight Twins. I would read it tonight, but I've got so much English and Psychology to do, I just won't have time. So I hope you all had a great thanksgiving and I will post The Midnight Twins soon! Thanks for your patience. Happy reading :]

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart

Today's book is The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart! The description of this book is:

Ruby Oliver is 15 and has a shrink. She knows it’s unusual, but give her a break—she’s had a rough 10 days. In the past 10 days she:
lost her boyfriend (#13 on the list),

lost her best friend (Kim),

lost all her other friends (Nora, Cricket),

did something suspicious with a boy (#10),

did something advanced with a boy (#15),

had an argument with a boy (#14),

drank her first beer (someone handed it to her),

got caught by her mom (ag!),

had a panic attack (scary),

lost a lacrosse game (she’s the goalie),

failed a math test (she’ll make it up),

hurt Meghan’s feelings (even though they aren’t really friends),

became a social outcast (no one to sit with at lunch)

and had graffiti written about her in the girls’ bathroom (who knows what was in the boys’!?!).

But don’t worry—Ruby lives to tell the tale. And make more lists.

This book was great! I read this book the first time a couple years ago, but I picked it up again because it's part of a 4 book series, and the third one just came out. I wanted to read the first 2 again before I started the 3rd one. It was even better the second time around! I love the Ruby Oliver books by E. Lockhart because they're so funny. They're very realistic and a lot of things happen in them. Ruby is one of my favorite book characters. She's so funny and spunky. I feel bad for her in this book! This is definitely a good read and is definitely a quick one! Hope you guys enjoy :]

PS: The Midnight Twins coming soon! ;]

Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey guys, no book today but I just wanted to let you in on a few things. First, I went back to the library to get some new books, so there will probably be a new post tomorrow! Also, a few people on here have been asking me to read The Midnight Twins and those of you who asked for it are in luck! It's one of the books I just picked up from the library so that review will be up as soon as I read it. Happy reading everyone! :]

Friday, November 20, 2009

North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headly

Today's book is North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headly! The description of this book is:

It's hard not to notice Terra Cooper.

She's tall, blond, and has an enviable body. But with one turn of her cheek, all people notice is her unmistakably "flawed" face. Terra secretly plans to leave her stifling small town in the Northwest and escape to an East Coast college, but gets pushed off-course by her controlling father. When an unexpected collision puts Terra directly in Jacob's path, the handsome but quirky Goth boy immediately challenges her assumptions about herself and her life, and she is forced in yet another direction. With her carefully laid plans disrupted, will Terra be able to find her true path?

I truly loved this book. The beginning makes it easy for you to get into and the whole last third of the book is just amazing! The middle kind of just drags out the same thing a little bit, but its not all that bad. It's still over all an amazing book! This book really made me think about things. I also love the part about Geocaching! It's definitely something I'm going to try in the near future! This is a very good book for teenage girls. It might seem like a sad book at first, but it completely turns itself around and just makes you feel overall happy. This book definitely motivated me to start doing things with my life and be happy with who I am. I LOVED this book. I recommend it to anyone! Hope you guys enjoy :]

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just One Wish by Janette Rallison

Okay so I read another one of my books and this time it was Just One Wish by Janette Rallison! The description of this book is:

Seventeen-year-old Annika Truman knows about the power of positive thinking. With a little brother who has cancer, it’s all she ever hears about. And in order to help Jeremy, she will go to the ends of the earth (or at least as far as Hollywood) to help him believe he can survive his upcoming surgery.

But Annika’s plan to convince Jeremy that a magic genie will grant him any wish throws her a curveball when he unexpectedly wishes that his television idol would visit him. Annika suddenly finds herself in the desperate predicament of getting access to a hunky star actor and convincing him to come home with her. Piece of cake, right?

I thought this book was really good! Annika's character is one of my favorite characters of any book! She is so determined and brave. This story was a really cool one and once I got into it, I had to read it all before I put it down! The only thing I didn't really like too much is that it's kind of unrealistic. I mean, it could happen, but doubtfully. It was still a really cool story! I hope I have an adventure like hers someday. Well, without the whole brother with cancer thing; that would be sad. If you're looking for a book with a great plot and a cute romance, this one's for you! Hope you guys enjoy :]

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

Okay, so I just went to the library and got 5 more books! The one I just read today was Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott! The description of this book is:

Everyone thinks their parents are embarrassing, but Hannah knows she's got them all beat. Her dad made a fortune showing pretty girls--and his "party" lifestyle--all over the Internet, and her mom, who was once one of her dad's girlfriends, is now the star of her own website. After getting the wrong kind of attention for far too long, Hannah has learned how to stay out of sight...and that's how she likes it.

Of course, being unknown isn't helping her get noticed by gorgeous, confident Josh, who Hannah knows is her soul mate. Between trying to figure out a way to get him to notice her, dealing with her parents, and wondering why she can't stop thinking about another guy, Finn, Hannah feels like she's going crazy. She's determined to make things work out the way she wants....only what she wants may not be what she needs.

This book was amazing! I loved Perfect You and Bloom by Elizabeth Scott, and now her newest one has captured my heart too! I read it all in one sitting. Hannah is such a great character. I do feel bad for her though. Her parents are crazy (and I thought mine were bad!) You'll quickly latch on to one of the guy characters and realize which one is right for Hannah. This is such a great story. It's very different and I love how Hannah is such a strong person. If you're looking for a great love story and an overall great book, this one's for you! Hope you enjoy :]

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Today we have The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han! The description of this book is:

Belly has spent her summers at the beach house with Conrad and Jeremiah, who had never noticed her noticing them. Every summer Belly hoped it would be different. This time, it is. The summer that Belly turns pretty is the summer that changes everything--for better and for worse.

This book was amazing! I mean first of all, who doesn't love a story about 2 gorgeous guys during summer, right? I'm very happy my library had this book because it was such a good read! I read half of it one night and had to get some sleep, but as soon as I woke up, the first thing I did was finish it! I loved the plot and wish that I had a place to go every summer like Belly does. I like the whole idea of how a person can change so much in a year and not even notice. It's so true. You'll love and hate Conrad at the same time. Then, at the end, you'll be going crazy knowing you have to wait till this upcoming summer to get the sequel! I hope you guys get a chance to check this one out. Hope you guys enjoy :]

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Sorry for the lack of updates again.. more college stuff! Today we have Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt! The description of this book is:

There are two sides to every breakup.

This is Jordan and Courtney, totally in love. Sure, they were an unlikely high school couple. But they clicked; it worked. They're even going to the same college, and driving cross-country together for orientation.

Then Jordan dumps Courtney -- for a girl he met on the Internet.

It's too late to change plans, so the road trip is on. Courtney's heartbroken, but figures she can tough it out for a few days. "La la la" -- this is Courtney pretending not to care.

But in a strange twist, Jordan cares. A lot.

Turns out, he's got a secret or two that he's not telling Courtney. And it has everything to do with why they broke up, why they can't get back together, and how, in spite of it all, this couple is destined for each other.

I read this book while I was in NC meeting Sarah Dessen and I loved it! I would only let myself buy one book down there because I knew I was getting Along for the Ride and I'm glad I bought Two Way Street! It's a book with both a guy's point of view and a girl's point of view. It definitely caught my attention and I could not put it down till I was done! I even read it during lunch! (oops) You'll definitely be dying to find out the real reason they break up and if they get back together eventually. This book was very well written and I recommend it to anyone! Hope you guys enjoy :]

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Hey guys, today's book is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher! The description of this book is:

Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers several cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker--his classmate and crush--who committed suicide two weeks earlier. On tape, Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them. If he listens, he'll find out how he made the list.

This book was overall pretty good. I was really interested to hear what Hannah's story was throughout the book. I actually loved the book, except for the ending. The ending made me so angry! But, it's definitely worth reading! Over the course of a day, you'll get to hear all of Hannah's stories and find out the real reason Clay is on her list. It's really a beautiful story. I definitely recommend it to you guys! Just brace yourself for the ending; you might not be satisfied! Hope you guys enjoy :]

PS: Jay Asher's official website for Thirteen Reasons Why is really cool! You can go there and follow clay with a map they came up with! You can even Listen to some of Hannah's tapes. If you guys like the book, head on over! Here's the link:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Author Playlist Contest!

Hey guys! No book for this post, but I just wanted to stop in and tell you about this awesome contest going on at Ten Cent Notes Blog! Its to get some awesome playlists from some 2009 debut others like Sarah Ockler. Awesome right? Make sure you guys stop by and enter! The contest ends November 15th so you have lots of time! Head on over :]


Sunday, November 1, 2009

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Sorry again for the lack of posts guys! Today's book is If I Stay by Gayle Forman! The description of this book is:

Choices. Seventeen-year-old Mia is faced with some tough ones: Stay true to her first love— music—even if it means losing her boyfriend and leaving her family and friends behind? Then one February morning Mia goes for a drive with her family, and in an instant, everything changes. Suddenly, all the choices are gone, except one. And it’s the only one that matters.

I could not put this book down. It's such a great book! It's heartbreaking but wonderful at the same time! I really loved the whole music theme of this book as well. Mia's boyfriend is such a cool guy, you'll love him immediately! This story is so sad but I couldn't put it down till I finished it and it ended up being a really beautiful story. This book isn't too much of an upbeat read but I still recommend it to anyone out there who loves YA! Gayle Forman is such a great writer, I hope to read more of her stuff! This book seems to be in every book store so I'm sure you guys can find it easily. Hope you enjoy :]

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend by Janette Rallison

Today's book is Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend by Janette Rallison. The description of this book is:

Boyfriends are supposed to be loyal, caring and handsome. Giovanna's boyfriend Jesse may have the last two down, but he's seriously lacking in the loyalty department. When her twin brother, Dante, runs for student body president, Jesse campaigns for the opponent. In the heat of the moment, Giovanna dumps Jesse and becomes Dante's campaign manager. But she almost immediately regrets her decision. Beating the mayor's son at school politics and winning her boyfriend back are going to take a lot more risk than Giovanna ever dreamed she'd take.

This is another book I found browsing through my library! This book was soooo good! I didn't know if it was going to be too interesting based on the description but It turned out to be amazing! The whole plot was so cute and Giovanna is such a great character. Her sarcastic and joking tone made me laugh throughout the whole book! And of course Jesse is great too! You wont know if you should love him or hate him till the end, but I wont ruin the surprise! This book was such a quick and upbeat read. I always love when books can make me laugh. Although, if anyone's around me they usually look at me like I'm crazy. But anyway, If you're looking for a funny and cute book, this one's for you! Hope you guys enjoy :]

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Queen of Second Place by Laura Peyton Roberts

Today's book is a book a lot of you probably haven't heard of! It's called The Queen of Second Place by Laura Peyton Roberts. The description of this book is:

Cassie Howard believes everyone has a talent. Unfortunately, hers is taking second place. No matter how hard she tries, she’s always second best . . . in school, in life, and especially in love.

When Cassie discovers new-boy-in-town Kevin Matthews she wants him on sight. But so does conniving Sterling Carter, a ridiculously beautiful preppy princess and Cassie’s enemy since freshman year. Sterling is the kind of girl who always gets it all, and Cassie . . . isn’t. Is there any point even trying when the first fifteen years of Cassie’s life have proven she’s doomed to fail? Can the Queen of Second Place ever truly win?

With newfound determination and the support of friends whose not-so-glorious talents range from parking cars to whistling, Cassie sets out to capture Kevin’s heart—and make herself first at last.

I thought this book was really good! I had never heard of the author or the book but while I was searching the YA section at my library I came across it. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was very happy when I finished it! Cassie's character is so awesome! Laura definitely has a great teenage voice in this book! Through first person, she takes us through Cassie's story in such a funny and perfect way. I absolutely loved the whole talent part of the book! I promise that if you read this book you will love it once you're finished! It has such a perfect ending! The only thing I didn't like too much was that some of the things Cassie did or went through were kind of juvenile or immature. The kind of things we would do in middle school or something, but it definitely didn't overcome all of the great things about the book! Also, there is a sequel out there as well. I loved that one as much as this one so make sure if you like this one you check out the sequel! If you don't want to buy the book, check your local library! There's a good chance they could have it. Hope you guys enjoy :]

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but I was on a trip to see my friend all weekend so I couldn't get to a computer. Today I'm back and my next review is going to be Just Listen by Sarah Dessen! The description of the book is:

Last year, Annabel was "the girl who has
everything"—at least that's the part she played in the television
commercial for Kopf's Department Store.This year, she's the girl who
has nothing: no best friend because mean-but-exciting Sophie dropped
her, no peace at home since her older sister became anorexic, and no
one to sit with at lunch. Until she meets Owen Armstrong. Tall, dark,
and music-obsessed, Owen is a reformed bad boy with a commitment to
truth-telling. With Owen's help,maybe Annabel can face what happened
the night she and Sophie stopped being friends.

This was the first book of Sarah Dessen's that I ever read. As soon as I was done with the book I remember thinking, wow that was the best book I've ever read. This book has so many things going on with it: friend drama, modeling, boy issues, anorexia, and even some bigger issues I don't want to tell you about so I don't ruin the story! This book isn't all serious though. There are plenty of happy moments that keep you reading. Once again Sarah has written another masterpiece! I definitely recommend you read this book! Even if you're not an avid reader, this book will definitely catch your attention! It's a perfect example of true YA material. Hope you guys enjoy! :]

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Today's book is going to be Bloom by Elizabeth Scott! The description of this book is:

Lauren has a good life: decent grades, great friends, and a boyfriend every girl wants. So why is she so unhappy?

It takes the arrival of Evan Kirkland for Lauren to figure out the answer: she's been holding back. She's been denying herself a bunch of things (like sex) because staying with her loyal and gorgeous boyfriend, Dave, is the "right" thing to do. After all, who would give up the perfect guy?

But as Dave starts talking more and more about their life together, planning a future Lauren simply can't see herself in-- and as Lauren's craving for Evan, and moreover, who she is with Evan becomes all the more fierce--Lauren realizes she needs to make a choice...before one is made for her.

I loved this book as soon as I read the first chapter! Lauren is like me in the sense that she loves to read! I loved her quote: "I love books. I like that the moment you open one and sink into it you can escape from the world, into a story that's way more interesting than yours will ever be." This quote is so true! Anyway, the plot to this book was great. A lot of teens will be able to relate to Lauren and her parents situation. This book had a great love story and a lot of family issues. I'd say Bloom is one of Elizabeth Scott's best books! This book brings a lot of elements to the story and if you're looking for a fast paced read and a great story this is for you! Hope you guys enjoy :]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Today's book is Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler! One of my absolute favorite books!

The description of this book is:

For Anna Reiley and Frankie Perino, the ingredients for the Absolute Best Summer Ever are simple: Two girls. Two bikinis. And twenty days in Zanzibar Bay, California. The best part? According to Frankie, if they meet one boy every day, there’s a good chance Anna will find her first summer romance.

Anna lightheartedly agrees to the fun, but there’s something she hasn’t told Frankie… she’s already had her romance, and it was with Frankie’s older brother, Matt, just before his tragic death last year.

TWENTY BOY SUMMER explores what it truly means to love someone, what it means to grieve, and ultimately, how to make the most of every beautiful moment life has to offer.

This book really blew me away. Sarah's character development of Matt was written so exceptionally that by the end of the second chapter I was almost crying. She really knows how to make you feel for a character and fall in love with him. Other than the Matt situation, the book has so many more great qualities! Even though there are a lot of sad points in the book, there is humor mixed in as well. Frankie is a very interesting character and makes everything better. Anna is the one all teenagers are like in a lot of ways. Sarah's perception of grief works perfectly in this book, making you really feel like you've lost someone as well. Okay, well maybe not THAT extreme, but still, very, very good! I could not put this book down until I finished it. It takes a lot for a book to shout out to me as one of the best, and this one definitely did it. It was a perfect debut for a first time author and I cant wait to read her next one, coming out next fall. I really recommend this book to anyone, hope you guys enjoy! :]

Monday, October 19, 2009

Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti

This post is about another one of my favorite books, Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti.

The description of this book is:

Derek is clearly the boy Marisa has been waiting for, but there's just one problem. He has a girlfriend. Nash, Marisa's neighbor and childhood friend, is totally geeked out, with zero boyfriend potential. So of course Nash wants to take his friendship with Marisa to the next level.

Beyond her boy drama, Marisa is also dealing with overcoming a major problem from her past, a family that's falling apart, and a best friend who won't stop talking to sketchy guys online. Only the anonymous DJ, who has the school hooked on his underground podcasts, seems to get what Marisa's going through. But she has no idea who he is...or does she?

This book was so great! Susane Colasanti has a wonderful writing style and teenage voice. I especially liked the dialogue with the use of "I was like" instead of "I said" because it's really what teenagers say when were talking about a conversation. One of my other favorite parts of the book was the dedication, "For everyone out there who is still waiting." I mean, I usually don't pay too much to the dedication of books, but this one meant a lot to me. On Susane's official website, she talks about how she wants to help teens with her books and that's exactly what she does with this one. This book deals with Depression, love, family, and friends. All things teens deal with today. She writes flawlessly with a sense of humor and a great plot. I love Marisa. She's so different than most characters in books and I love her spunk. It's really interesting to follow along with her progression throughout the book. This one was a great read and I couldn't put it down until I was finished! Hope you guys enjoy :]

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Hey guys! Today my first two posts are going to be about two of my favorite books! The first one I'm going to talk about is my absolute favorite book. The book title is where I got the name for my blog, so I thought it fit well for the first post! Hope you guys enjoy.

The description of this book is:

Sixteen-year-old Macy Queen is looking forward to a long, boring summer. Her boyfriend is going away. She's stuck with a dull-as-dishwater job at the library. And she'll spend all of her free time studying for the SATs or grieving silently with her mother over her father's recent unexpected death. But everything changes when Macy is corralled into helping out at one of her mother's open house events, and she meets the chaotic Wish Catering crew. Before long, Macy joins the Wish team. She loves everything about the work and the people. But the best thing about Wish is Wes—artistic, insightful, and understanding Wes—who gets Macy to look at life in a
whole new way, and really start living it.

I thought this book was amazing! Sarah Dessen's writing style is serious yet it portrays a teens mind perfectly. This book makes you really think about life and how you should be living it. And of course the love story part of it was great also! Every one who reads this book will fall in love with Wes almost immediately. You'll be rooting for Wes and Macy from the moment the meet. I loved some of the quotes in this book! I'd have to say page 136 is my favorite. There is such good material on that page! Dessen's writing is flawless in this book and she knows how to make you laugh! I have to say besides Wes, Bert and Kristy are my favorite characters. They're very well developed and so easy to love. If you're looking for a great romance and a great life experience, this book is for you! Hope you guys enjoy :]