Friday, July 30, 2010

Boys, Girls, and Other Hazardous Materials by Rosalind Wiseman

Hello! Today's book, as you can see, is Boys, Girls, and Other Hazardous Materials by Rosalind Wiseman. I finally finished it! The description is here:

Looking for a new beginning after a terrible mean girl past, Charlie Healey realizes there's no escaping high school drama.
Charlie Healey thinks Harmony Falls is the beginning of a whole new life. Middle school was brutal. But high school is Charlie's big chance to start over and stay out of drama, except that on her first day she runs into Will, her ex—best friend, who had moved away. Now a varsity athlete and hotter than Charlie remembered, Will hangs with the crowd running the school. But Charlie doesn't understand their power until an innocent delivery guy falls victim to a near-deadly hazing prank.
Torn between doing what's right and her secret feelings for Will, Charlie must decide whether to turn in her very best friend or live with the guilt of knowing what he did.

I heard a lot of good things about this book (and the author herself) so I was happy to read it once I got it from the library. I thought this book was really good! It was very, very relatable and realistic. Charlie could easily be a girl that I would be friends with. We have a lot of the same humor and I can definitely relate to her in the fact that I moved schools when I was a freshman to get away from ignorant people too. My new school wasn't perfect, but like Charlie, I made my real friends there.
I loved Will's and Sydney's characters the most in this book. (Other than Charlie's of course). They were both so real and great all around. I wish I had some friends like them!
I also loved the plot of this book a lot. It's pretty different than usual books' story lines. I would recommend this to any teenager! Check your local library because that's where I got my copy. Hope you guys check it out and enjoy!

Oh, and PS: Here's some more crafty goods for you guys! After I made my cousin's birthday present, I made my friend from Camp a nice frame. Here's a pic!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crafts and halfway through next book!

Hey everyone. Just figured I'd stop in and post some random stuff. I'm half way through Boys, Girls, and Other Hazardous Materials by Rosalind Wiseman. This book is pretty good so far. Definitely liking it a lot! It's taken me a while to read this one because I've been so busy with work and making my cousin a birthday present! She's going to be twelve this year so I thought I'd make her something cool.
Do you guys know what Hobby Lobby is? Do you go to Hobby Lobby? If you don't, you need to get yourself in that store ASAP. It's so awesome! Is it just me, or do their paper and scrapbooking materials rock! I swear, I could spend like 3 hours in that store just looking at all the paper and crazy stickers! Okay, how big of a geek do I sound like right now? Pretty big, I know. But hey! They have so many awesome sales! I mean, I went there yesterday with my other cousin and I got everything for 50% off. Totally worth it!
So anyway, this week I've been working on my cousins present, which is this:

It's a big jewelry box with cool secret compartments inside it. It even came with a built in mirror! That wooden box only cost me 5 bucks! Here's some more shots:

I added some cool sparkly black circles and some pretty pearls to tie in the black letters with the metal that holds the box together. I also loved those flower sequins so I added one on each side and the back! I know you guys probably don't care, but I figured I'd just post it since I'm not done with the book yet. Hope you guys enjoy and I should have a review up tomorrow! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Year My Sister Got Lucky by Amiee Friedman

Hey everyone! I finally have a new review for you guys! I've been immensed in One Tree Hill lately so that's why it took me so long. It's sick, really, the way I'm obsessed with that show. But, I guess that goes along with my obsession with books, as well. Anyway, today's book is The Year My Sister Got Lucky by Amiee Friedman. The description is here:

Katie and Michaela Wilder are New York City girls...and best friends. But everything changes when they move upstate to rural Fir Lake. Katie is horrified by their new surroundings: the too-friendly neighbors, the lack of a subway, the fact they live near actual cows. She's shocked when Michaela adapts to the country life effortlessly, dating a cute football player and attending homecoming with something resembling enjoyment.
And most shocking of all? She's started keeping secrets from Katie.

This book was definitely different than I thought it was going to be. I pictured some snobby teenager from New York and her snobby sister moving to hicksville, with no town what-so-ever, and some how magically finding everything they need. Well, that wasn't what this story was about. This story was about a fourteen-year-old girl who is in love with ballet and who always has to follow in her sister's footsteps. It's about these two sisters who have to pack up and leave everything they've ever known. But one of them seems to be happy about it.
This story wasn't the most amazing one I've read, but I still thought it was really good. I definitely connected with Katie on all different levels throughout the book. Sometimes I loved her and sometimes I was annoyed by her, but I think most books have that. I mean, characters can't always be perfect, otherwise they wouldn't seem real.
I also loved how close Katie and Michaela were with eachother. You don't see sisters who get along that easily very much. I know my sister and I never got along that well when we were their age. My sister and I just started becoming friends last year and she's almost 22 and I'm 19. But enough about us. This book, I thought, was pretty good. If it sounds good to you, go see if they have it at your local library-- that's where I got it. I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New layout + new library books!

Hey guys! Gueeessssss what! I went to the libary again, finally, and got myself 4 new books. And one of them was a book some of you have been waiting for me to get for a long time! That one is Imaginary Enemy by Julie Gonzalez. I also got The Year My Sister Got Lucky by Amiee Freedman, Boys, Girls, and Other Hazardous Materials by Rosalind Wiseman, and Tangled by Carolyn Mackler. I let my friend get some books under my card also, so I might be reading Tips on Having a Gay (Ex) Boyfriend by Carrie Jones if she says it's worth reading. I'm really excited to start reading them!

What do you think of the new layout? Like it? Hate it? Wish I had the old one back? Think it's perrrty? Feel free to let me know :)

I should have a review up soon! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted a review yet this week-- I've been painting my room and working all week! There was also some family drama mixed in there, but that's beside the point. Today, I just wanted to have a post thanking all of the awesome authors out there.

I want to thank every author out there, published or unpublished. Most of all, I want to thank YA authors. Thank you for everything you write. Thank you for everything you've done for me, personally. You've all been so nice every time I send you an e-mail or a comment on your blog. You have no idea how much this means to me. This blog was inspired because of you. Without you, there would be no books to review, no words to say.

Books have become my life and I'm not ashamed to admit it. A lot of people don't understand the power of reading. I didn't even understand it until I was in 7th grade. I used to hate reading. Yeah, I said it. I HATED to read when I was younger. But that all changed once I found A Corner of the Universe by Ann M. Martin. I realized reading could be fun and meaningful. I have to blame Sarah Dessen for my obession, though. Her book, Just Listen, was the first book that made me need more. I needed to read more of her books and I loved every single one of them.

So, the bottom line is, thank you. If any of you authors are out there reading this, just know that I will always appreciate you. I also want to give a special shout out to some authors that have gone above and beyond the kindness that I ever expected. These are some of the authors that have inspired me to become an author myself. Susane Colasanti, Elizabeth Scott, Elizabeth Eulberg, Eileen Cook, and Deb Caletti have all shown me how caring they are about their readers. Thank you guys for being such amazing people! I wish all the best for you in your careers!

Hey all you readers! Here's a chance for you to say whatever you like about your favorite authors! Go ahead and post a comment shouting out to YOUR favorite author(s). You never know when they'll see it! :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unbelievable by Sara Shepherd

Holy crap! It's been 5 days since my last post already? Time sure does fly when you're at work I guess. Well, not while you're actually there. When you're actually there it seems like you'll never be able to leave. But you get my point. So anyway, today's book is Unbelievable by Sara Shepherd. It's the fourth book in the Pretty Little Liars series. The description is here:

Four pretty little liars' charmed lives have turned into living nightmares.
Emily's been shipped off to Iowa to live with her ├╝berconservative cousins. Aria's boyfriend is behind bars—because of her. Spencer's afraid she was involved in Ali's murder. But Hanna's fate is far worse: She's clinging to life in the hospital because she knew too much.
If these girls don't start listening to me, Hanna's going to look like the lucky one.

I know it's the fourth book of the series, so sorry! But it's the only thing I've read lately. I haven't had a lot of time to read in the past couple weeks and I've become a little bit addicted to watching episodes of Medium online.... I'm on season 4 though, so I should be done soon enough! (I know-- I'm a major geek. Oh well!)
But anyway, I thought this book was really good! I started reading the series as soon as it came out a few years ago, but I stopped reading after the 3rd one. I never wanted to buy the 4th one because it was hardcover, and then I kind of just forgot about it. I borrowed the book from the library so I could finally figure out who A was-- Totally surprising!! If you guys read these books and haven't read this one yet-- you're in for a crazy ride. I thought this book was overall good and I think Sara Shepherd is definitely made for writing mystery/suspence/YA novels. I wasn't bored with this book once and I read it in one sitting because I couldn't wait to find out who A is!
So do any of you read this series? Have you been watching Pretty Little Liars on ABC family? If so, what do you guys think so far? I love all of Aria's clothes!
Hope you guys enjoy :)
Happy Reading! And in this case, watching!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Little Miss Red by Robin Palmer

Bonjour mes copains! Which, if you didn't know, means Hello my friends in french. Apparently I'm feeling a little cultural today, so why not! Anyway, today's book is Little Miss Red by Robin Palmer.
Here's the description:

Sophie Greene gets good grades, does the right thing, and has a boyfriend that her parents— and her younger brother—just love. (Too bad she doesn't love him.) Sophie dreams of being more like Devon Deveraux, star of her favorite romance novels, but, in reality, Sophie isn't even daring enough to change her nail polish. All of that changes when Sophie goes to Florida to visit her grandma Roz, and she finds herself seated next to a wolfishly goodlooking guy on the plane. The two hit it off, and before she knows it, Sophie's living on the edge. But is the drama all it's cracked up to be?

I'd heard a lot of good things about this book from different people, so I was hoping that it would be pretty good! I think this book, like The Naughty List, was just okay. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it. I liked the plot of the book a lot because I can relate to Sophie. We both do the right thing all the time and we both love fictional characters way too much. (No, really, you'd think they were alive the way I talk about them). Also, I always love books where characters get to go somewhere else for a while, away from their home or comfort zone. I like to see what each one will do in a situation and surrounding they've never been in before. You know what I mean?
At first, I liked the guy she met on the plane. He seemed nice, cute, and just what Sophie needed. But after a while, you got to see his true personality and I HATED him. I do not like him one bit and I don't think any of you guys will either. Just because I know you're all nice people and don't like coniving guys :)
I did like the choices Sophie made at the end of the book, though.
Anyway, if you guys are looking for a light read with a twist of a fairytale, this one's for you! Like I said, I didn't think it was awesome, but I didn't think it was bad either. So maybe check it out from the library and see for yourself! Hope you guys enjoy! Happy Reading :)