Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Ruin My Teenage Life by Simone Elkeles

Hey guys, I finished this book saturday but I forgot to post it, haha. Sorry! Anyway, today's book is How to Ruin My Teenage Life by Simone Elkeles. The description of this book is:

EVERYTHING in sixteen-year-old Amy Nelson Barak’s life is going wrong! Her mom got married and moved to the suburbs, and now they are going to have a baby. Amy moves in with her dad in Chicago and signs him up for an online dating service. His first four dates are that night . . .
What else? Her dog Mutt impregnated her grumpy neighbor’s prized poodle, so Amy will actually have to get a part-time job to pay for half the veterinary bill. And there’s this totally annoying boy, Nathan Rubin, who just moved into her apartment building. Luckily, Amy has a cute boyfriend named Avi. Only he’s more like a non-boyfriend considering Avi is in the Israeli army for the next three years.

Apparently this book is the sequel to the book called How to Ruin My Summer Vacation. It was a good sequel though because I could still follow the story without being lost. I thought this book was really good! This is another book filled with internal sarcasm and I love it :) Avi is sooo sweet and adorable! I wasn't sure if I would like this book because I hadn't heard of it before or heard anything about it, but it was very good. I'll definitely have to pick up the first and third book. If you want to read this one, pick up the first book as well so you get all the details! I want to know more about Amy's trip to Isreal. It's really cool that the author had the Isreali and Hebrew element in this book. It's really different and interesting. Hope you guys think it sounds interesting and pick it up! Happy reading :)


  1. I'll be sure to pick this one up!

    -Mrs. Tapes

  2. Cool!!! When are you gonna review Imaginary Enemy?

  3. I will review Imaginary Enemy as soon as I can get my hands on in, I promise! I don't see it at my library right now and I can't buy it at the moment, so I'll see if I can request it in.

  4. i just luv teen buks cuz their ma life!!! gr8 site btw ima check out this buk cuz it luks kewl and i kno ima be able 2 rl8


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