Monday, March 22, 2010

NYC Teen Author Festival :)

Hey guys! This past weekend was the end of the NYC Teen Author Festival and I drove 7 hours to be there! Currently, I'm still in New Jersey because my car broke down. So, I'm not home yet, but I have my laptop and wanted to update you guys on some stuff.

My friend and I arrived in New Jersey on Saturday and then we headed over to New York. We went sight seeing and walked around all day. And in case you guys ever think about going to New York, I have advice for you. Don't wear sandals when walking around. You will get big blisters on the bottom of your feet. (I learned that the hard way).
After getting back to the hotel around 11:30, we planned out the next day and went to sleep. Then it was time for the Festival. The Festival was so great! We went in a little early at 1:30 to make sure we got there before the lines got too long. My friend sat down in the cafe area while I was in line and while I was waiting, I noticed a woman walk in that looked a lot like Elizabeth Scott. She sat down next to my friend. When I saw that, my mind went crazy and I was just thinking, Ahhh! That's Elizabeth! Sitting next to my friend!! This line is stupid - She's better so I have to go talk to her!
So then I leave the line and walk over and Elizabeth looks up to me and says so sweetly, "Oh, do you want me to move over so you can sit?" When she said that, I'm pretty sure I didn't even answer the question. I think I was just like, "AREYOUELIZABETHSCOTT??" She smiled back at me and said, "Yes I am." I was so excited at that point and my friend just kind of looked at me like How do you even know who this person is? Are you a creeper? You see, my friend is not into books like me. She doesn't really care for them, but she came a long because she's nice. And I'm not a creeper. Author websites have pictures, okay. Anyway, after she confirmed my question, I answered with, "Ohh! I'm Tricia - the girl who won second place in your contest with the song I wrote?" She lit up after I said that and gave me a hug. After our introduction, Elizabeth and I talked for a while and she was so so nice. She is just a wonderful lady. I promise you it's worth traveling to meet her. She is so sweet and so helpful and so grateful for any kind words about her books. She is a beautiful person.
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After meeting Elizabeth, Susane Colasanti walked in and Elizabeth introduced me! I comment on Susane's blog all the time so Susane knew I was coming and when Elizabeth told her who I was she got excited and gave me a hug as well! It was a dream come true I swear. I mean, one of my favorite authors introduced me into another one of my favorite authors. How is that not awesome?? After we said hi and hugged, Susane had to go back to the rear of the store to get ready for her signing, so she said she would meet me later to take pictures and talk. (She also gave me an ARC of Something Like Fate so I will have a review for you guys either Wednesday or Thursday).
So after all of that excitement, I got back in line and waited for the signing to begin.
During the 3:30-4:15 shift, I didn't have any authors written down to meet so I talked to Elizabeth some more and then Susane came back to find me.
Susane was so amazing. We talked for a while and she told me how wonderful she thought it was that I traveled so far to meet her and the other authors. I got more hugs and more advice and had a great conversation. Then we took pictures and you know what was cool? Susane took like 8 pictures for both of our camaras because she understands how sometimes us Teens don't like the way we look in pictures. For her it wasn't one or nothing. It was hey, your my reader and I love you so lets take a bunch! She was great too. Meeting her made it all worth it as well.
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After meeting Elizabeth and Susane, I met ANOTHER Elizabeth - Elizabeth Eulberg.
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She was so so friendly and we had such a great conversation about dreams and book covers and greatness. She was so funny! Can't wait for her new book.

The signing was so wonderful. I met Elizabeth Scott, Susane Colasanti, Elizabeth Eulberg, Gayle Forman, Melissa Kantor, Jenny Han, and Sara Shepard. I didn't get to meet Alice Hoffman or Lynn Weingarten because I had to leave :/
All of those authors were so nice and friendly. Authors are just amazing people. I love them. Sorry this post was so long but I wanted you guys to know how it was and how nice these authors really are! Hope you enjoyed the story and I hope it makes you want to read that much more!

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Have a great day everyone! Posts coming soon once I'm home again!


  1. I keep seeing people's posts about the festival and I really wish I'd gone!
    I'm glad you had a great time.
    I am super jealous. :]

  2. You met such awesome authors. It sounds like you had an amazing time! :D

  3. That is so COOL! I'm really happy for you Tricia, that's so awesome. Wow, you and Sarah Dessen had a similar experience. SO COOL! Thanks for taking the time to post about it because I really enjoyed reading it. AND YOU WROTE A SONG??????? oh my gosh I love writing songs! If you don't mind (feel NO pressure), could I talk about it on my blog Music and the Lyrics of Life?? And it won! Wow, that is really amazing.


  4. NYC was definitely one of the most amazing days ever :)

    Bella, sure you can talk about the song if you want, haha. I don't really think it's that good cause I did it kind of quickly and stuff but you can use it. I think this is the link for it:


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