Saturday, April 24, 2010

Contest Winner!

Hey guys! Just stopping in to let you know who won the contest!
Thanks to everyone who entered-- I really enjoyed reading the entries!
It was really hard for me to decide the winner. There were 3 answers that I kept reading over and over trying to make myself pick just one. But, after reading them several more times, I finally picked a winner. The winner is Liz! She told me all about how and why she loved Walk Two Moons. So, Liz, e-mail me your shipping address and I'll send your books over!
But wait! Like I said, I had a really hard time picking just one winner. There were two other entries that I really, really loved. So, Erin R. (who picked Harry Potter 1) and Miranda (who picked Just Listen), if you want a small little prize, I can mail you an autographed bookmark from Kristina Springer! E-mail me if you guys are interested!
Once again, thanks to everyone who entered and keep an eye out for more contests!
Happy Reading :)

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