Friday, April 23, 2010

Funday Friday! Featuring.... Kristin Walker!

Hey everyone! Today I've got an author interview for you! Recently, I posted a review of the book A Match Made In High School. I told you guys how awesome and hilarious it was and now I've got the author here for you guys! Hope you guys enjoy!

1. Where did you get the idea for A Match Made In High School?

"It just sort of came to me one morning. I thought it would be potentially hysterical, so I started working on it. I set it aside after a couple of chapters, but I came back to it a few months later and finished the draft."

2. Have you always been good at writing/ wanted to be a writer?

"I actually always wanted to be an actor. I was a theatre major in college. But when my first baby came along, I wanted to do something from home, so I turned to writing. It took a long time to get published, though. About a decade. Those are the years I learned to write. I was an okay essay writer, but I had a lot to learn about writing fiction. I still have a lot to learn!"

3. If you could work with any other author, who would it be?

"I'd love to write with Kristina Springer because she is so so funny and such a great, effortless writer. She also lives about 25 minutes from me and we hang out all the time. I'm laughing right now thinking about some of the goofing we've done. She cracks me up so much!"

4. Are there any parts of your books that are based on events in your own life?

"Well, there are a couple of characters who were inspired by real-life people, but as far as passages or situations, not much. I was a geek cheerleader, however. There's a picture in the bio on my website ( Just one of many dorky pictures of my life, haha."

5. How long did it take to find an agent/publish your book after finishing the manuscript?

"It took me about 6 months of querying to find my agent, and the book sold a few months later. But I had queried a whole list of agents on a (terrible) middle grade novel years ago. MATCH was actually my second shot at getting an agent. But I'm thrilled with how it worked out because my agent is crazy-awesome."

6. What advice would you give to people who "run out of creativity" when writing?

"Turn to your own stories. Find a picture or a post in your blog and see if you can spin a story out of it. It doesn't have to be a whole book, but sometimes when you just start doing some fun-writing, a great idea will bubble up."

7. What's your favorite part of a book?

"My favorite part of a book I'm reading is the climactic scene where the main character finally overcomes the conflict. I especially like it if there's a whole lot of romantic smooching.

My favorite part of a book I'm writing is finishing the very first draft. I know there will be a ton of work to revise it, but it's such a great feeling to have something finished, even if it's rough."

(Now for a couple fun questions)

8. Favorite song?

"I can't pick just one! Okay, I put this one in the book: "What a Good Boy" by the Barenaked Ladies. It reminds me of when my husband and I were dating (he's also a Canadian)."

9. If you were going to be stuck on a deserted island, which book, movie, food, and person(s) would you take?

"Book: Anne of Green Gables
Movie: Normally, I'd pick "Jaws," but seeing as I'd be on an island, maybe that wouldn't be the best choice. It would have to be something funny, anyway. Either "Waiting for Guffman" or "Best in Show."
Food: Hot buttered popcorn
Person: The hubs and kids, of course. And our dog, Piper."

10. Five of your favorite things?

"Hershey Bars
Fresh lilacs
My kids' laughter
Ballroom dancing
Clean, line-dried sheets"

So there you have it everyone! They lovely and hilarious Kristin Walker. If you liked her book or her interview, or just want to find out more about her, check out her website at! I thought her answers were awesome! Thanks for checking in, Happy Reading everyone!

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  1. Lovely interview! It was nice to know some more about her :D

  2. I must read this book!
    You ask some really great questions. Like, seriously. I might have to steal these. :D

  3. Robby,
    You're right-- you absolutely have to get your hands on this book! And thanks! I always thought my questions were too unoriginal or something, but I'm glad you like them!


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